Amazon Prime Now moves to Amazon app

Amazon has announced to shut down its Prime Now app on Friday 21st May. The individual Prime Now app will no more be accessible as an app for the users.

The service rather moves to Amazon’s app and website that will still be up for your immediate requirements. The users can now switch to the Amazon app or its website to order the products they require and they will still be getting their orders delivered at their doorsills within a matter of hours or two, similar to the Prime Now app service. The app is set to be out of service around the globe by the end of this year, as per the company.

According to Amazon’s vice president of grocery, Stephenie Landry, this step has been taken by the company for the flawless customer experience, where the users can the stuff from any product category from a convenient location.

The Prime Now app was launched in the year 2014, with an aim to ease down customers’ shopping by making their orders available to them within hours rather than days. The Prime Now app prime service has only been available for users with Prime membership. The service was initially made to serve the selected locations which soon got expanded to over 5,000 locations throughout the world.

Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods’ two-hour delivery options were already available for the Amazon app and website in the US since 2019. Meanwhile, the company announces to get third-party partners and local stores worldwide, merged into the main service by the end of 2021.

With an unclear figure about the number of users accessing the Prime Now service, the company unveiled in April of Prime service that it costs $119 annually and has approximately 200 million subscribers.

The company has already taken down the Prime Now app and website in India, Japan, and Singapore, and plans to further the process in the US later this year.