Gmail with Google Chat tabs rolling out soon

The Avid Gmail users can now access chat messages through their Gmail accounts on their Android and iOS devices. Google is all set to roll out this setting as a test feature anytime sooner.
The setting may not be possibly accessible to all Android or iOS devices, depending on the Gmail account settings. On successfully activating the setting on your device, you get to see a new Chat tab at the bottom of your Gmail app. One can get access to this setting on their Android or iOS device using the following steps:
Click on the menu on the top left of the screen of your Gmail account.
Scroll down to settings.
Select the account you wish the chat feature to be enabled.
Go to chat (early access) under General settings.
Switch on the toggle against the Chat option.
Restart the app to start accessing the chat.
If the chat option is unavailable on your Android or iOS devices, you can get access by enabling it via Gmail’s desktop version through the dedicated link. To enable the chat settings via Gmail’s desktop version:
Go to the link
Select Google Chat in the Chat and Meet menu.
Restart the app on your device to check the toggle appeared for the chat setting.
Turn it on and start using it.
The Chat option is provided to the Gmail users as another alternative to Google Hangouts. The Chat option can also be downloaded separately as an app from your Google or Apple play store. One who likes to avoid the presence of many messaging apps may choose to use Google chats as the tab in Gmail.
Google has previously introduced Gmail with features like Google Rooms and Google Meet available as the tabs. Google Chats is the latest available option for you to carry on with your messaging with your social circle.