Fix ‘Unable to register the HP printer to account’ error

When you set up your HP printer, it may not be connected to HP cloud services quickly, and you may see an error on your screen – “Unable to register the printer to your account” with the error code OW_4XX_0WSWS00001 or UA_200_OWSVD00001. 

To resolve this error, you have to perform tasks to register your HP printer model to connect with your account. Go through the below guide to get rid of this error on your Hp printer;

Check whether your HP model is prepared for setup –

You have to remove all packing materials from your HP printer model and turn on your model.

  • Open printer’s doors.
  • Take off each tape and packaging material from each point.
  • Close its doors and press the power button.
  • The printer will be turned on.
  • Come back to the error page and try again to connect to your account.

Make sure the printer is connected to a network.

Ensure your model has an active internet network.

  • Go to the printer control panel.
  • Locate the WiFi/wireless light or icon.
  • See whether the light or icon is solid to make sure it’s connected to the printer.
  • If you see the wireless light is blinking, then try reconnecting the network.  
  • Now, use your WiFi router to connect the network to the HP printer.
  • If your printer has a control panel, open Wireless Settings Menu >> tap Wireless Setup Wizard >> enter the network details.
  • If your printer has no touchscreen panel, press the WiFi button and release it after 5 seconds. Make sure the light flashes. Then, quickly press the WPS button on your router.
  • If you have Deskjet, Tango, or Envy printers, push the WiFi button and power button and hold for 5 seconds. If the blue light flashes, turn on your router and push the WPS button. When flash stops, the connection is finished.
  • Now, come back to the error window, and tap on Try Again.


Restart your device and software 

You simply have to turn off your HP model and restart it. Then, close the HP smart application, restart your printer and open the application again. Once you do this, click “Finish Set Up” and tap on Try Again button to fix the error.

Factory Defaults Restore  

If your printer has control panel, then follow this – Setup icon >> Printer Maintenance >> Restore >> Restore Factory Defaults >> Continue.

In the HP model without touch screens, follow this – Open HP smart app, enter the admin password. Go to EWS, and click Settings >> Restore Defaults >> Restore Factory Defaults >> Restore Factory Defaults button.

If any of the above steps don’t help you, then contact HP printer support through email or assistance agent. Also, make sure you service your printer from time to time. 

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