Fixing an HP printer error code E2

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Owning an HP printer is a matter of facilitation for its proud owners. The HP is among the rank-holders of the vast variety and fully featured printer range. With the facet of versatility, it is equipped to carry out all your documentation requirements efficiently. Applauded for its performance, the HP printer is easy to operate machine that can be worked with by the user with more or less technical knowledge.

Meanwhile, the positives and the negatives coexist. In this context, the HP printer, despite being the first choice of users across the world, comes across some flaws in its function due to internal or external factors. This piece of writing discusses an HP printer error code E2 and the various techniques to tackle it.

What is an HP printer error code E2?

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If you have come across the error code E2 on your HP printer lately, you would be certainly seeking ways to overcome the issue on your own. But, every remedy only affects when you are aware of the real issue and the reason behind it. Similarly, an HP printer error code E2 is caused due to the affected communicating abilities of the HP printer with the PC it is attached to.

Essentially, the reason for the inability of your HP printer to communicate with the system is the poor connection between both devices. Additionally, you may happen to observe it due to improper paper length. If any of these is the case with your HP printer, there’s a way to deal with them using quick and effective solutions.

HP printer error code E2 resolving methods

Initially, you can take the help of the HP technical support team. However, if you seek to resolve the issue on your own, you can consider the methods discussed below.

Basic troubleshooting

  1. To begin with, make sure you cancel all of the ongoing print jobs. To do so, press the cancel button featured on your HP printer.
  2. Now change the settings of your printer on your PC.
  3. Open the General Settings of a printer from the file menu of the HP printer software.
  4. Then open Printer Properties and preferences.
  5. Now, adjust the print settings, including the paper layout.
  6. Then, click on OK to save changes, and then on Print, to execute printing.  

Paper size correction

  1. Open the Word document that you intend to take the printout of.
  2. Go to the File menu of your opened word document and go to print and select Print from the expanded menu.
  3. Next, click on the Properties option and set paper and quality preferences as per the requirements.
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  4. Select the right size or A4 size of the paper according to the papers loaded in the paper tray of your HP printer.
  5. Then, click on OK in order to save changes.
  6. Finally, click on Print.

The above two methods are effective techniques for dealing with HP printer error code E2. If for any reason, none of the above two techniques turn out to work for your HP printer, you still have an alternative to consulting the technical supporter or HP customer services. This way, you will be led through a proper process by the company people, and you should certainly be out of the issue in a short while.


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