How to Fix Ghosting Impressions on Documents in HP LaserJet

Identify the Cause of Ghosting

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Have you ever experienced your HP LaserJet printer producing ghosting impressions on your document printouts? If yes, you may know how unprofessional and blunder your document appears with such imprints of the images or letters on your printouts.

Ghosting occurs due to impairments of your HP LaserJet printers’ imaging drum unit or the fuser unit. When the imaging drum unit of your HP printer breaks down after having completed its usability, it gets difficult for it to discharge the toner powder and instead leaves imprints and traces of the previous printed documents and images. Also, if the imaging drum unit is faulty, you may end up getting ghosting impressions on your print results. Additionally, the ghosting may also have been caused due to the improper functioning of fuser units when it does not satisfyingly heat the toner powder.

How to Identify the Cause of Ghosting


Ghosting Images

To resolve the ghosting issue with your HP LaserJet printer, you need to be aware of the root cause of the problem. You can identify the reason for ghosting, whether caused by improper functioning of the imaging drum unit or fuser units, by carefully gazing over the ghosted images. If your document has the imprinted images closer to each other, the issue may have resulted from the imaging drum unit. While, if the images seem distant (4cm to 5cm), you can assume the root to be a fuser unit.

In addition to this, you can even consider checking the user manual that is available with a diagnostic ruler. It will guide you in identifying the reason for ghosted images in your print results.

Moreover, there may be other factors, including the humidity and inappropriate paper size that may affect the print quality and produce the ghosted print results.

If it gets humid, the toner powder may form a cluster in the cartridge, due to which the toner powder does not get scattered evenly while printing on paper.

Using glossy, thick photo paper for laser printing also causes ghosted images, as these paper types are not designed for laser printing.

Resolving techniques

Once you identify the cause for the occurrence of ghosting images on your print results, you can easily find ways to deal with the issue. Given below are some of the resolving techniques based on the root cause for the ghosting images issue:

  1. If you have identified the cause to be a drum unit, you first need to check whether its life cycles if it’s reached up to the limit to extinguish. In case, if the drum unit is not inside the cartridge, you will see an error message suggesting you change the drum unit with the new one. Meanwhile, having the drum unit built within the cartridge, you will need to check if the toner cartridge needs replacement.
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Imaging Drum Unit

  1. If your scrutiny has led you to a conclusion that the ghosting has occurred due to the fuser unit, you will need to take your printer to a certified repair center and replace the fuser unit with proper servicing done. Also, the ghosting may have been occurred due to the heated fuser unit. In this case, you can check your user manual for a way to adjust the temperature.

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Fuser Unit

  1. If you guess the paper to be the culprit, you need to ensure using the papers that are designed for laser printers. If you are using glossy papers, you may adjust the settings to proceed with your printing.
  2. If you assume the humidity to be a reason, you need to ensure storing the HP laserjet printer in a cool place with low humidity. In this way, you are also securing your toner cartridge to last longer. Also, the regular cleaning of your printer must be ensured to prevent the entrance of dust inside the HP laserjet printer.
  3. If your HP laserjet printer comes with the cleaning cycle, you can run it in order to prevent the excess toner powder from sticking to the drum units. You can also print a cleaning page to remove the extra toner powder.
  4. Most importantly, you need to make sure that all of the cables and connections are plugged in properly. If the power cable is not plugged in correctly, you may end up getting heated up fuser.
  5. Finally, if any of the above techniques don’t get you the result, you are recommended to contact the HP customer service team to assist you in dealing with the issue.


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