Getting Started With HP LaserJet

HP LaserJet Printer Setup

  • Configure your HP Printer hardware.
  • Visit from the browser.
  • Using your LaserJet model name, download software.
  • Double click to start the installation.
  • Connect the printer via wireless network or USB.
  • Add the LaserJet printer to your system devices.
  • Finish the HP LaserJet setup.

First-Time Hardware Setup For HP LaserJet Model

  • Take out the LaserJet model from the box.
  • Remove all tape, stickers, and packing materials.
  • Make sure you received all components like power cord, CD, manual, USB cable.
  • Locate the printer near your PC or Laptop.
  • Slide paper guides and load paper in the input tray.
  • Slide in the guides, then open the bin extension.
  • Plug in the power cord to the LaserJet printer’s rear and electrical outlet.
  • Set up the initial printer hardware screen to end the process.

Downloading HP LaserJet Printer Software

  • Use a network cable to connect your printer to a PC network.
  • From Network Setup Menu, establish a network connection.
  • Launch a browser on your PC or Laptop.
  • Go to
  • An automatic download screen prompts.
  • You need to click Download. 
  • Your HP LaserJet installer starts downloading.
  • Install the software by running the HP printer drivers.

How to set up HP LaserJet Printer?

Depending on your model type, steps may vary, however, these are common instructions you will find with all-in-one LaserJet.


  • Step 1 – Prepare Your Devices for HP LaserJet Setup 
  • Make sure your printer model is properly set up at a place and hardware screen configuration. Additionally, quit all background apps in your system and make the device ready for installation. setup

  • Step 2 – Use A Browser To Visit 
  • Open a web browser and enter on the search address bar. Press enter and jump on HP official site. setup

  • Step 3 – Click Download On Current webpage  
  • The HP 123 software download option is available on the page, therefore click on the “Download” tab to start the HP download. setup

  • Step 4 – Run Printer Installer FileTo Start Installation 

    Go to the download location, find the downloaded setup, i.e., HPEasyStart and double-click on the downloaded file. The file starts extracting to begin the installation. setup

  • Step 5 –Accept Installation Agreement and Continue  
  • Read the installation agreement terms and tick on ‘I have reviewed and accept the agreements’ to agree with all terms. Then, click Continue. setup

  • Step 6 – Choose Your LaserJet Model From Shown List  
  • Click “Continue” and wait for installation. If your printer doesn’t appear, select the “My Printer is Not shown” tab. setup

  • Step 7 – Select A Connection Method  
  • You’ll see different options on the installation page, select one method to connect your printer. I.e., Wireless Network, Ethernet Cable, or USB. setup

  • Step 8 – Choose Your LaserJet Printer Type 

    Continue by selecting “LaserJet” and tick on the option – Printer without a touchscreen control panel. Then, select the preferred option and connect the printer to a network. setup

  • Step 9 – Complete the HP LaserJet Printer Setup 
  • At last, select “Full Software and Drivers” and install the printer software file completely. setup

Connecting HP LaserJet Printer to WiFi Network

HP printer models are of two types – with touchscreen and without it. Therefore, guidelines for both are different. Shown below;

With A Touchscreen: Wireless Setup Wizard Method

In such LaserJet printers with a touchscreen, the Wireless Setup Wizard method is best to use. Let’s see how to use it.

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi router is placed nearby the printer.
  • Load papers in the main tray.
  • Turn on your HP LaserJet.
  • Touch the Settings or go to Network Setup Menu and select the Wireless icon.
  • Tap on the “Wireless Setup Wizard” option.
  • Choose your network and enter the password.
  • If the password is correct, the HP printer WiFi setup is completed.

Without A Touchscreen : Wi-Fi Protected Setup Method

If your printer model doesn’t have a Touchscreen Control Panel, then the WPS method is preferred. Find out how to perform.

  • Locate the printer and Wireless router close.
  • Open your printer using the power button.
  • Go to the control panel of your model.
  • Press “Wireless Button” and release after 5 seconds.
  • If you see blinking light, quickly WPS button on your router.
  • The network is being connected.
  • When lights get stable, the WiFi is completed.

Why HP LaserJet Printers?

These printers are best to use in industries due to precise print, speed, and economical features. Instead of ink, these models use toner powder to print. Though, LaserJet printers are costly than inkjet printers for home users but affordable and best for businesses, industries, and large organizations.


  • Precise printing and clarity.
  • Professional docs print, scan, copy, and Fax.
  • Fast print speed. (Vary according to LaserJet model type).
  • Duplex printing and scanning feature.
  • Printing options – Ethernet, wireless and mobile
  • Scan to USB, computer with software, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Setting Up HP LaserJet Printer Wirelessly

A wireless HP LaserJet printer is easy to perform with the below instructions.

HP LaserJet Wireless Installation On Windows

  • Step 1 –Go to HP Site
  • Open a browser from the start menu. Using this browser, visit the HP Official site;

    visit 123.hp.comLaserJet

  • Step 2 – Download Latest HP LaserJet Printer Software 
  • Once the, click on the “Install HP Easy Start” tab. If prompt, click “Save” or “Save File” to download the .exe file on your Windows location.

    Download latest HP LaserJet Printer Software

  • Step 3 – Double Click On HPEasyStart_13_1_5.exe File
  • Go to the download location and double-click on the “HPEasyStart_13_1_5.exe” file. If you see the HpEasyStart icon on the desktop, double-click to extract the file.

    Double click to install the fil

  • Step 4 –Accept The Installation Agreements Terms
  • Click the “Continue” tab and read the HP printer installation agreements and settings terms. Now, tick on the “I have reviewed and accept the agreements and settings” box and hit Continue.

    software agreement - hp laserjet installation

  • Step 5 – Your Printer Displays, Then Continue Installation
  • The installation window shows the printer model and click on Continue. It will search for available software and network. If your HP LaserJet isn’t found, then follow the next step.

    our Printer Displays, Then Continue Installation

  • Step 6 – Click “My Printer Is Not Shown” to Continue 
  • If your model isn’t shown, click on ‘My Printer Is Not Shown’ and hit on Continue. 

    printer not found - hp laserjet

  • Step 7 – Perform Wireless Setup
  • Click on “Wireless network” and continue. In the next window, select the “LaserJet Printer” option. Thereafter, choose your printer screen, i.e., Printer without a touchscreen, click Continue. If you have a USB cable, connect your printer and PC and enter the WPA password.

    Perform Wireless Setup

  • Step 8 – Install Full Software and Drivers 
  • Finish the wireless connection process by disconnecting the USB cable, and continue the installation by choosing the “Full Software and Drivers” installation option. 

    install complete drivers and software

  • Step 9 – Complete The Wireless Setup On Windows
  • HP LaserJet printer drivers and software starts installing on your PC. Click Next on the following prompted windows until you see “successfully installed” for wireless setup.

    Complete The Wireless Setup On Windows setup

LaserJet Printer Wireless Installation On Mac

  • Step 1 – Open Webpage
  • First of all, open Safari or any other browser on your macOS. Then, enter and open the HP download webpage.

    go to

  • Step 2 – Download HP LaserJet Setup For Mac 
  • Once opens, you’ll see the download option. Hence, click on the “Download” tab. 

    Download Hp LaserJet setup for macos

  • Step 3 – Start theHpEasyStart.dmg Installation
  • Go to downloads and click on HP Easy Start, then a prompt is shown on the desktop screen. Hence, click on the “Open” tab.

    Start the HpEasyStart.dmg Installation

  • Step 4 – Accept End User Agreement
  • In the next prompt, tick on the checkbox that says – “I have read and agree to the EULA and Privacy Statement” and click Continue.

    accpet license agreement - hp laserjet for macp

  • Step 5 – Select Your LaserJet Printer Model 
  • Disconnect any Ethernet or USB, if connected to your printer. Then, click on your LaserJet model from shown list and tap continue.

     Select Your LaserJet Printer Model

  • Step 6 – Click On Wireless Network Option 
  • In the next display, the Wireless Network screen prompts, therefore, select the “Connect Device to the Wireless Network” option.

    Click On Wireless Network Option

  • Step 7 – Establish The Wireless Network Setup 
  • Turn on your HP printer and press the Cancel and Wireless button at the same time. If you have the text display LaserJet printer, go to the Wireless or Network setting menu and tap Restore Network settings. And follow prompts on the installation display.

    wireless setup on macos - laserjet

  • Step 8 – Select Your Software To Install
  • Click Allow and select the software list you wish to install. Then, enter your Mac administrator Username and Password. 

    Select Your Software To Install

  • Step 9 – Add Your HP LaserJet Model to complete setup 
  • Continue with on-screen prompts, enable Wi-Fi direct and add your HP printer model to your macOS device list. Your wireless printer setup is completed.

    add laserjet and finish the installation on mac

HP LaserJet Printer FAQs

What is an HP LaserJet?  

HP LaserJet printers are designed using special laser techniques to benefit large business sectors and small home offices as well.

What is the difference between laser and inkjet printers?

LaserJet printers use a toner powder and laser beam to perform print, scan, and copy, whereas inkjet printers always require an installed ink cartridge with filled ink to print or copy.

Where do I download the latest HP LaserJet printer drivers?

The official site offers the most recent updates and drivers to install on multiple devices.

  How do I install my HP LaserJet without the CD?

The installation is easy to proceed with even if you don’t use CD. Visit the HP support site and download printer software by entering the user name.

HP LaserJet Printer USB Setup

  • First of all, If you already have connected the USB, disconnect it.
  • Secondly, Go through the site.
  • Click “Install HP Easy Start” to download software for LaserJet.
  • Double click on the ‘HP Easy Start’ icon from the desktop or on the downloaded file.
  • Once the file extracts, click Continue and start the installation.

  • USB Setup

  • Select “Manual Setup” and select “USB” on connection options.
  • Connect USB cable’s square end to LaserJet printer's rear and another end to the PC USB port.
  • Your printer is connected to your Pc or Laptop.
  • Now, add your LaserJet model to your device list.

Installing HP LaserJet CD Setup

  • The setup CD is shipped with an HP printer.
  • Make sure you choose a connection method – wireless or USB.
  • In the wireless method, gather information from the router.
  • Insert the HP LaserJet setup CD into the disc port.

  • USB Setup

  • AutoPlay screen prompts, click on the “Run Autorun.exe” tab to start the installation.
  • Allow HP LaserJet Installer to begin installation and click Install.
  • Tick on the license installation agreement checkbox and wait for installation.
  • Now, select a connection method and connect via USB or wireless network.
  • Disconnected the USB after successful connection and finish the installation.

How to print on an HP LaserJet printer?

HP Laser printers support PC, laptops, and smartphones well. Hence, you can use your current device to select a document for print.

Print on PC, Laptop

  • Make sure you’ve adjusted text font and size and change other appearance settings.
  • Open the file you want to print, for example; File or Menu on WordPad.
  • Click Print.
  • General print settings will open.
  • In case you want to change advanced settings, open Printer Properties, or Preferences.
  • Change layout, Paper settings, quality, and color.
  • Click OK, and click Print to start printing your document.

Print On Smartphones

  • Install Hp smart app from or app store on your phone.
  • Sign in to Hp account.
  • Enable the Bluetooth on your phone or press the Wireless button.
  • Open HP smart App.
  • From the home screen, select Print Job type.
  • Select your document to print.
  • Tap on the Print button to get the printed document on the paper.

How To Reset Your HP LaserJet Printer

If your Hp printer has stopped responding to commands or showing an error or hanging during print, copy or scan, then it requires resetting. Go through the below instructions.

  • Turn on your LaserJet model.
  • Tap on Setting Gear.
  • Select the “Service” tab.
  • Scroll down and tap Restore Defaults.
  • Tap Ok to restore factory defaults.
  • Once the printer is reset and you need to perform Wi-Fi Setup.
Reset Your HP LaserJet Printer

All the guidelines on this page are provided to help users for easy setup through the site which are applicable for most of the HP LaserJet models. For any query or technical solution, contact Hp support.